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Informatics and Software Development

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This page is maintained as a historical record and is no longer being updated.


The IT Informatics and Software Development teams provide essential support to the Sanger Institute Scientific Operations's core platforms of sequencing and cell biology.

About the Informatics and Software development teams

The ICT Informatics and Software development teams span the multi-disciplinary areas of the Sanger Institute, especially those of Scientific Operations.

The teams are responsible for managing data at an unprecedented scale, and developing standards, tools and methods to meet the demands of the Sanger Institute’s Scientific Operations core platforms as well as collaborating with research programme scientists to meet the wider demands of the organisation.

The teams employ a dynamic approach to development that enables them to tackle the challenges wrought by data volume, an increasing variety of experiments, and the implementation of cutting-edge genomic technologies. These teams develop tools and systems that are freely available to, and in some cases heavily used by, the wider scientific community.