Enterprise Solutions


We develop and deploy applications, databases, security tool deployments and web presences to enable the Sanger Institute to deliver its cutting-edge science using timely, cost-efficient and robust solutions.

The Enterprise Solutions department is led by Jo Crofton-Diggins.

Our goal is to provide end-to-end support and guidance for optimised Information Technology solutions that enable the smooth running of the Wellcome Genome Campus and the Sanger Institute. To achieve this, we deliver scalable, fit-for-purpose solutions with clear support models that are appropriate for the project.

We provide scalable, reliable, easy-to-use enterprise solutions and applications for services that support the Sanger Institute’s science. We work closely with Estates and Facilities, Human Resources and Finance to support the deployment of new technologies and processes. The applications, databases, security tool deployments, and web presences we deliver are designed to minimise risks by providing maximum security, uptime and performance.

The databases we provide, depending on their environment, enable our colleagues to test, back up and restore, or collaborate with external partners within agreed standards.

We develop and support the Sanger Institute’s web presence, together with approximately 150 websites that provide the needs of our national and international research collaborations.

To ensure that we can provide the most appropriate solution and level of support we closely partner with all stakeholders to fully understand the goals, working environments, and working practices of all involved.

We support the entire life cycle of a project or product and carry out decommissioning and sunsetting in ways that ensure that valuable scientific is not lost and remains available to the research community.

To ensure that we offer best-in-class solutions, we constantly develop and challenge our skillsets and knowledge through training, attending conferences, and horizon-scanning. We work closely with Information Governance and Security to maintain our cyber security tools and patch any vulnerabilities.

In addition, we develop our solutions in-house to ensure that we have a strong bank of knowledge to be able to provide ongoing support and make future builds more efficient. We also look to share this knowledge throughout the Institute and Campus and provide hands-on support during the configuration and build of our solutions.


We provide the following services and support:

  • Website design in partnership with internal and external stakeholders and organisations in adherence with Sanger guidelines and principles
  • Software development within applications and bespoke website builds where it offers USP
  • Database delivery to support solutions for scientific and non scientific requirements
  • System analysis – including ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ process mapping, end-to-end design, architecture, training handover, and configuration documentation
  • Technical testing and QA of our vendors or partners
  • Living roadmaps for proactive assessment of the current and future technoloy landscape
  • Product selection advice to support Sanger Institute stakeholders and external vendors
  • Product maintenance through patching, upgrades and releases
  • Integration support via data in motion feeds in and out of end points
  • End of life/sunsetting management
  • Horizon-scanning and innovation to meet changing needs and fresh research challenges
  • Deployment and results management of cyber tools
  • Partnering and consultancy across all Informatics and Digital Solutions to deliver the best possible overall service to all end users
  • Evaluating solutions to provide expert advice to stakeholders on balancing cost versus risk to optimise uptime and maximum security posture.

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