Mouse and Zebrafish Genetics Programme

Archive Page

This page is maintained as a historical record and is no longer being updated.

The Mouse and Zebrafish programme ran until September 2016. The programme helped to produce the mouse and zebrafish reference genomes and created a formidable range of knock-out mice and zebrafish resources that power research worldwide. Many of the model organism experts continue to work at the Sanger Institute supporting our research programmes to carry out the high-throughput, large-scale data-generating experiments that are a feature of the Institute’s genomic studies. This page is being retained as a historical record and is not being updated.


The Mouse and Zebrafish Genetics programme carried out research to understand biological processes and generated and distributed a wide range of community resources, accelerating research globally.

Its principal focus was on mouse and zebrafish genetics, information and biological resources. In-house research focused on the biological function of genes identified in other Sanger Institute programmes, such as Human Genetics and the Cancer Genome Project, or of potential importance to human development and health.