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Many high profile projects such as the Cancer Genome and 1000 Genomes projects need quality assemblies for downstream analysis using 2nd and 3rd generation sequencing data. Efficient bioinformatics tools in processing and analysis of large quantities of genomic data play crucial roles in producing high quality assemblies as well as variation detection. The High Performance Algorithm Group (HPAG), headed by Zemin Ning, develops algorithms and software tools for genome analysis. Currently the team is also involved in data processing and quality evaluation of Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology.
  1. Development of genome assembly tools using second and third generation sequencing data
  2. Efficient algorithms for detecting structural variations from single molecule sequencing data
  3. Detection of segmental duplications from kmer distribution profiles

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Francesca Giordano

Dr Francesca Giordano

Postdoctoral Fellow


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Transmissible Cancer

Work with Dr Elizabeth Murchison on Tasminan Devil pan-cancer genome project.



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