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COVID-19 Genomics Initiative at the Wellcome Sanger Institute

Genomic Surveillance

Archive Page

This page is maintained as a historical record and is no longer being updated.

Our team provides comprehensive COVID-19 genomic surveillance programme.

High-throughput genomic monitoring

We provide high-throughput genomic monitoring of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK, aiding public health officials in their response to the coronavirus pandemic. We monitor the virus for genetic mutations which could cause it to be more easily transmitted or to escape vaccines.

As part of COG-UK, the Sanger Institute is sequencing the genomes of tens of thousands of coronavirus samples, from people in communities across the country. Our group combines statistical and computational expertise to analyse those genomes, and detect new variants of the virus. We work closely with public health authorities to integrate this data with their work. Tracking variants will help public health officials guide their responses.

Identifying and tracking COVID-19 variants

We monitor the virus genome sequence for any mutations which could affect how vaccines work.

Our people

Core team

Photo of Dr Matthew Forbes

Dr Matthew Forbes

Principal Bioinformatician

Photo of Dr Frank Schwach

Dr Frank Schwach

Principal Bioinformatician

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Roberto Amato

Dr Roberto Amato

Head of Data Analysis and Translation

Photo of Dr Jeffrey Barrett

Dr Jeffrey Barrett

Former Director of the COVID-19 Genomics Initiative at the Wellcome Sanger Institute

Photo of Richard Goater

Richard Goater

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Georgia Elizabeth Whitton

Georgia Elizabeth Whitton

Senior Data Scientist


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