Sequencing Informatics

Scientific Computing

From 2009 to 2023, the Sequencing Informatics group supported DNA Pipelines in the production of their data products, faculty's use of those products, and Sanger in its role in the informatics community.

The group was composed of three teams (which following a move from DNA Pipelines to IDS, were separated into Pipeline Solutions and Scientific Solutions in 2023):

NPG ensures that the harvesting, storage, and analysis of DNA Pipelines produced sequence information at the Sanger Institute is as swift and efficient as possible: the team develops and runs software to support the high-throughput data production activities of the DNA Pipelines Operations teams. The team also provides informatics expertise and bespoke analysis to both DNA Pipelines and faculty.

The SAM has two distinct roles. It helps ensure Sanger fulfills its data publication obligations by pushing research-related data to archives at the EBI. The team also provides foundational bioinformatics tools and helps drive and maintain standards in the bioinformatics community.

The HPA team develops bespoke tools and analysis methods to aid both faculty and DNA Pipelines with the data from the latest types of sequencing assays.

Core team

Photo of Jennifer Liddle

Jennifer Liddle

Senior Software Developer

Photo of Carol Scott

Carol Scott

Principal Bioinformatician

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Tony Cox

Dr Tony Cox

Head of DNA Pipelines Development

Photo of Rich Livett

Rich Livett

Technical Delivery Lead (Platform and software development)