Nagoya Protocol and Digital Sequence Information (DSI) inquiry

The Nagoya Protocol is part of an international agreement, known as the Convention on Biological Diversity, to ensure fair and equitable sharing of benefits that arise from the use of genetic resources in research. This means that when a researcher wishes to access a genetic resource in an overseas country, they might need to obtain consents and negotiate agreements with the host country before the resource is accessed.

The Convention on Biological Diversity has proposed to include Digital Sequence Information (DSI)
within scope of the Nagoya Protocol. This could have serious implications for the ability of the scientific community to openly share data in public databases like the ENA.

Sharing of digital sequencing information is fundamental for advancing research and driving innovation for example by addressing conservation needs, delivering actionable public health strategies and responding rapidly to global public health emergencies.

We fully support the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from research on genetic resources. However, we strongly disagree with the proposal to include digital sequence information within scope of the Nagoya Protocol.

To read our full response to this inquiry, please download the PDF below.

Wellcome Sanger Institute DSI submission.pdf