Tom Maddison


Bioinformatics scientist involved in the development and automation of bioinformatics pipelines for processing and analysing genomic data.


I completed my Master’s degree in Bioinformatics at the University of Bristol, where for my thesis project I developed a bioinformatics pipeline to detect and ascertain the significance of changes in mRNA abundance, poly-A tail length and epitranscriptomic modifications from yeast long read sequencing data. This is where my main interest of working with bioinformatics pipelines was sparked as well as my fascination with long read sequencing.

Current role

Since joining the Wellcome Sanger Institute in January 2022, I have been heavily involved in the development of bioinformatics pipelines and codebases for malaria parasite and vector genomic surveillance. In addition to this, I have used these software to produce data for partners. My role has also expanded to include analytical responsibilities, such as validation of data produced by our codebases.

My timeline