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Genomics of Pneumonia, Meningitis and Neonatal Sepsis

Parasites and Microbes

We study variation in the genomes of major bacterial pathogens to understand their evolution in the context of disease and aymptomatic carriage with a view to informing strategies for treatment and prevention.

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Core team

Photo of Dr Dorota Jamrozy

Dr Dorota Jamrozy

Principal Bioinformatician

Photo of Dr Stephanie Wai-U Lo

Dr Stephanie Wai-U Lo

Translational Science Lead / Senior Scientific Manager

Photo of Neil MacAlasdair

Neil MacAlasdair

PhD Student

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Christine J Boinett

Dr Christine J Boinett

Principal Bioinformatician

Photo of Dr Claire Chewapreecha

Dr Claire Chewapreecha

International Fellow, MORU Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit

Photo of Dr Uzma Basit Khan

Dr Uzma Basit Khan

Senior Computer Biologist

Photo of John Lees

John Lees

Former PhD Student at the Sanger Institute

The following were also members of this team:

Alison Maguire
Jyothish Bhai
Ebrima Bojang
Feyruz Yalcin
Nicholas Croucher
Gareth Peat


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