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Cellular Genetics scRNA-seq analysis course

Today it is possible to obtain genome-wide transcriptome data from single cells using high-throughput sequencing (scRNA-seq). In this course we discuss some of the questions that can be addressed using scRNA-seq as well as the available computational and statistical methods available. 

The material found in the course is meant to be used for anyone interested in learning about computational analysis of scRNA-seq data. The number of computational tools is increasing rapidly and we are doing our best to keep up to date with what is available. 

Sanger people

Original Developers

Photo of Dr Vladimir Kiselev

Dr Vladimir Kiselev

Cellular Genetics Informatics Team Leader

Photo of Tallulah S. Andrews

Tallulah S. Andrews

Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Dr Martin Hemberg

Dr Martin Hemberg

Former CDF Group Leader

External Contributors

Photo of Davis McCarthy

Davis McCarthy

Head, Bioinformatics & Cellular Genomics Laboratory @ St Vincent's Institute, Melbourne, Australia

Photo of Jennifer Westoby

Jennifer Westoby

Bioinformatics Pipeline Developer @ Inivata

Photo of Sidney Bell

Sidney Bell

Computational Biology team @ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative