This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Francois supports the Faculty and their team with numerous operational and strategic decisions. He coordinates numerous tasks on behalf of the Faculty, working closely with Finance, Human Resources, Facilities Management, Scientific Operations, and Management Operations.

I joined the Malaria Programme as the Research Administrator in June 2011. This is a key role to support the Faculty with high-level operational and strategic duties such as grant applications, collaborations and the Wellcome Trust-funded 5 years plan for the Malaria Programme.

I have a strong interest in biomedical sciences, having myself completed a PhD studying a Genetic Disorder and a Postdoc on early-stage anti-cancer drug screening. I took a career change in 2011 to work as a Research Grants Officer for Breast Cancer Campaign, The Royal Society and Arthritis Research UK. I enjoy working closely with scientists and undertand a lot about malaria genetic and biology as well as the importance of international collaboration at scale to tackle a global health problem.