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Infrastructure Management Team

Information Communications Technology

We design, deploy and support high-quality, reliable and robust IT solutions that the Sanger Institute’s scientists and administrators rely on to run their research projects. We enable the Institute to carry out its mission by delivering networks and software to interrogate, store and share data, and by providing identity and messaging platforms to facilitate secure and appropriate access and communication.

How we support Sanger's science

We provide the IT infrastructure solutions that supply the connectivity, productivity, and security needs of the Sanger Institute. As part of the Platform Solutions department, within Informatics and Digital Solutions, our team partners closely with teams across every area of the Institute to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to maximise productivity and efficiency.

The solutions we deliver are an important enabler of the delivery of the Institute’s world-leading genomics collaborative research in areas as diverse as tumour formation, human development, spatialomics and the diversity of life on earth. This research is conducted using cutting-edge techniques that generate data at scale that are interrogated by collaborators spread across the globe.

To successfully coordinate, deliver and share the results of these projects we provide:

  • reliable and scalable communications solutions
  • resilient wired and wireless networks with low latency
  • best-in-class identity management and access platforms
  • high-performance data storage and back-up solutions.

Our approach

The Institute continually exploits the latest advances in computing, laboratory techniques, single-cell genomics, and imaging to generate data at vast scale to deliver fresh insights into human health and biology. For this reason, the technical and infrastructure challenges we face to support our colleagues’ endeavours are often unique, challenging and require innovative solutions that can operate at scale.

To ensure that the solutions we deliver are robust and reliable and able to meet future needs, we partner closely with the Sanger Institute’s researchers, administrators, and international collaborators to fully understand their current needs and future research requirements. We bring our expertise and knowledge of the latest approaches to select and work with Informatics and Digital Solutions colleagues and external vendors to design, build and operate the most appropriate hardware, facilities, operating systems, software and applications.

Our activities

Our team of 13 work within a number of disciplines across networking, storage and compute with a heavy focus on Linux-based services. We recently deployed a 3 Petabyte archiving platform for our enterprise storage platforms and are currently undertaking activities within Public Cloud environments, and are improving our Hybrid working and Wireless network services.


We have a wide range of exciting projects underway, with fresh challenges and opportunities to implement innovative solutions. We’re always on the lookout for motivated and enthusiastic people to join the group. If you are interested in our work, please visit the Institute’s Current Vacancies area or follow @Sangercareers on Twitter.

Previous team members

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Chris Byatt

Infrastructure Support Engineer