Mark Jowett

IDS Infrastructure Delivery Manager

Mark Jowett is the Team Leader of the Infrastructure Management Team. His Team's focus is to provide production grade platforms supporting the core business of the campus.

I have a passion for working within academia and the public sector. Genomic research has the power to transform human healthcare and it is rewarding that I and my team can contribute by supporting the Sanger Institute’s scientific activities. I enjoy the fact that the work we do makes a positive contribution to society and the greater good.

Throughout my career I have gravitated towards a strong team-orientated approach. I believe that when a team works towards a common goal it can achieve great results, and this is something I have seen time and again during my time at the Institute. For this reason, I am committed to fostering a collaborative team environment where everyone values each other’s contributions, experience and ideas. As part of this, I encourage open and regular communication between team members and with our colleagues across the wider Institute.

We have a wide range of exciting projects underway, with fresh challenges and opportunities to implement innovative solutions. We’re always on the lookout for motivated and enthusiastic people to join the group. If you are interested in our work, please visit the Institute’s Current Vacancies area or follow @Sangercareers on Twitter.