Danesh Group

Health Data Research UK Cambridge Hub

The Danesh group works as part of the Health Data Research (HDR) UK Cambridge site, using genomic, molecular and electronic health record data at population scale to understand disease at a deeper than ever biological level. 

Work in this area aims to advance understanding of disease prediction, causation, and progression through the integration of molecular data and other intermediate phenotypes with routine clinical data. We seek to gain novel insights into biology and disease aetiology by integration of information, at scale, on genomics, other biomolecular traits, and high-resolution electronic health records (EHRs). This multi-dimensional framework should afford an aetiological “systems genomics” approach to address complex biomedical problems. Our ultimate vision, therefore, is to create new informatics infrastructures and data science methods that help achieve a deep integration of biology, biomedicine, and population health science.

The Danesh group also combines clinical epidemiology and genomics to focus on understanding the underlying biology of cardiovascular disease and health. This work will help clinicans and researchers to better understand the roots and progression of heart- and blood system-related diseases, paving the way for more effective, personalised treatment for individual patients.

Core team

Photo of Laurent Gil

Laurent Gil

Software Developer

Photo of Tapiwa Tungamirai

Tapiwa Tungamirai

Research Manager

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Michael Chapman

Dr Michael Chapman

Director of Health Informatics, Health Data Research UK Cambridge

Photo of Dr Dirk Paul

Dr Dirk Paul

Visiting Scientist


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