Tapiwa Tungamirai

Research Coordinator

As the Research Coordinator for the Cambridge site of Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) Tapiwa works to establish linkages with electronic health record (EHR) data providers for large-scale population and patient study cohorts led by HDR UK Cambridge investigators.

HDR UK is the UK’s national institute for health data science and the Cambridge site is a partnership between the Wellcome Sanger Institute, EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, University of Cambridge and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The aim of the Cambridge site is to understand the cause of disease by moving from disease classification based on the pattern of end-organ injury, to one based on molecular characteristics.

My role includes submitting applications to EHR providers to obtain health data for linkage with molecular data in population and patient study cohorts. The aim of the data linkage is to provide researchers with novel insights into disease aetiology. I am also interested in working with patients and the public to ensure that they are informed and involved in making decisions about how health data is used in research.

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