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Health Data Research UK (HDR-UK) is the national institute for health data science. HDR-UK is uniting the UK’s health data to enable discoveries that improve people’s lives. By making health data available to researchers and innovators we can better understand diseases and find ways to prevent, treat and cure them.

HDR UK is an independent, non profit organisation supported by 10 funders and bringing together 22 research institutes across the UK, clustered in six regional sites. The HDR UK Cambridge site comprises the Wellcome Sanger Insitute

The UK has some of the richest health data of anywhere in the world. With the NHS it is feasible to collect health data on a large and diverse population, and to make national-scale improvements to health and care. Combined with unique research expertise, outstanding talent in the NHS and universities, and a vibrant life sciences industry, the UK has an unprecedented opportunity to use data at scale to drive innovation and improve the long-term health of the public.

HDR UK is combining health and biomedical expertise with new tools and technologies to enable a data-led approach to reduce the time from scientific discovery, to intervention, and through to innovative patient treatments. We aim to revolutionise the ability to understand, prevent, diagnose and treat devastating diseases, such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, cancer and rare genetic disorders.


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Sanger people

Photo of Dr Carl Anderson

Dr Carl Anderson

Head of Human Genetics and Senior Group Leader

Photo of Professor Matthew Hurles

Professor Matthew Hurles

Director the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Senior Group Leader

Photo of Dr Ewan Harrison

Dr Ewan Harrison

Head of the Respiratory Virus and Microbiome Initiative (Group leader)

Photo of Laurent Gil

Laurent Gil

Software Developer

Photo of Dr Michael Chapman

Dr Michael Chapman

Director of Health Informatics, Health Data Research UK Cambridge

Photo of Tapiwa Tungamirai

Tapiwa Tungamirai

Research Manager

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