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Liam is a Scientific Manager for research teams within the Parasites and Microbes Programme and the Tree of Life Programme, providing operational and strategic laboratory support for an extensive range of research activities.

Liam is a Scientific Manager for two Research Programmes, as part of a dedicated support team for laboratory operations. This includes oversight of Containment Level 2 and 3 facilities and maintenance of pathogen vectors. The team ensure and expect a high level of health and safety, enabling and supervising research on a broad spectrum of biological samples and infectious agents. Training, information and support in working in these laboratories is provided for all staff, students and visiting workers from a range of backgrounds.

Key roles

  • Member of Wellcome Sanger Institute Health and Safety Committee
  • Technician Commitment – Steering Committee member and Chair of Skills and Professional Development Working Group

Key responsibilities

  • Health and Safety – training provider, inductions, inspections
  • Science Administration – HSE approvals, REC applications, controlled drugs
  • Local co-ordinator between Sanger Institute teams – safety, facilities, security, engineering
  • Facilities maintenance and refurbishment
  • Equipment – purchasing, maintenance and training
  • Procurement – consumables, equipment, PPE
  • Training, induction and supervision – CL3, CL2, equipment use, new techniques
  • Regulatory compliance
  • International and national shipping

The laboratory support team are well equipped to enable new research aims and processes, and continually drive Programme progress including renewal and reallocation of lab and office spaces, uptake of new technology/equipment and health and safety improvements.

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