Mathieu Perez

MD-PhD Candidate 

I am deeply interested in understanding why certain neurons are particularly susceptible to neurodegeneration. Under the supervision of Omer Bayraktar and Andrew Bassett at the Sanger Institute, and Michael Ward at NINDS-NIH, we utilize different cutting-edge omics modalities and imaging techniques to identify neuronal subpopulations that are vulnerable in neurodegenerative disorders. A central aspect of our approach involves developing high-throughput optical pooled screens for thorough neuronal characterization. Our primary goal is to use these innovative tools to uncover disease-specific neuronal vulnerabilities. This endeavor is driven by a broader vision to apply these methodologies across a range of neurodegenerative diseases. Ultimately, we aim to make a substantial contribution to the understanding and potential treatment of these complex disorders.

As an MD-PhD trainee in the MSTP track at UCSF and Cambridge, I’m committed to translating and advancing medicine through the use of large-scale data, high-throughput imaging modalities, and biophysical measurements . My focus is particularly on unveiling fundamental biological insights for the development of novel diagnostics, therapeutics, and treatments.