Irina Gabriela Colgiu

Senior Software Developer


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

Irina Colgiu is a senior software developer in Human Genetics Informatics team. She is responsible for writing software tools useful for large data management and systems administration, as well as for running the sequencing data processing pipelines. She holds an MSc in Computer Science, as well as an MSc in Bioinformatics.

I am passionate about coding, especially in the area of distributed systems and large scale applications. I have a strong interest in designing software to solve the real-world problems as the ones we face in the context of scientific research and I enjoy the challenges of big data. My work at Sanger involves:

  • designing, implementing and maintaining the Human Genetics archive (Serapis) used for storing large data sets together with metadata on long term
  • writing tools for data testing/processing – such as metadata check – a tool that runs metadata sanity checks on the sequencing data in iRODS before it is imported for processing by my team
  • writing a tool for testing that a tar up operation was succesfully performed (tarchecksum)
  • writing a tool for checking that the conversion between BAM and CRAM format has been successful (bam2cram-check)

In addition to this I am also running the data processing pipelines on sequencing data and occasionally I help with sysadmin-related tasks, such as managing the humgen storage and user/farm groups.

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