International Fellows

International Fellows

International Fellows have established positions in research institutes in low or middle income countries. They help us formulate and deliver our scientific strategy with respect to diseases prevalent in these parts of the world and are able to advance their own science in the Sanger Institute environment.

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Dr Abdoulaye Djimdé

Abdoulaye Djimdé is a leading malaria researcher based in Mali, working primarily on the genetic epidemiology of antimalarial drug resistance in West Africa. Abdoulaye's profile

Dr Gregorio Iraola

Gregorio is a computational microbiologist based in Uruguay. He studies the evolution of human and animal bacterial pathogens to understand the variability of the human microbiome and to assess the role of the environment in spreading antimicrobial resistance. He is committed to building collaborative research networks in microbial genomics and bioinformatics across Latin America. Gregorio's profile

Dr Samuel Kariuki

Sam utilises molecular tools to investigate the field epidemiology of key enteric infections and antimicrobial resistance transmission and ecology in the community in Kenya and the region. Kariuki's profile