Mr Liam Prestwood | Laboratory Manager

Prestwood, Liam

Liam is the Laboratory Manager for several teams within the Malaria Programme, covering a number of Containment Laboratories (CL2/3), an Insectary and related offices.

I am the Laboratory Manager for multiple research groups within the Malaria Programme, including Oliver Billker and Julian Rayner’s teams. Duties include health and safety, science administration, purchasing and general maintenance of the laboratories and equipment. I am also the Malaria Programme representative on the WTGC Health and Safety Committee.

Key Roles
- Member of Wellcome Trust Health and Safety Committee
- Local Co-ordinator (Health and Safety) for Lab and Office Spaces
- Radiation Protection Supervisor
- First Aider
- DSEasy Assessor (Display Screen Equipment)

Health and Safety
- Updating health and safety documentation (safety handbooks, risk assessments, SOPs, training records)
- Management of CL3 facilities, ensuring compliance with HSE, Human Tissue Act, Home Office
- Organisation of safe import and export of biological material internationally (DEFRA, HMRC)
- New staff inductions and providing ongoing health and safety training

Science Administration
- HSE approvals
- NHS REC applications (Human Tissue Act)
- Home Office licenses
- Management of Controlled Drugs
- Project Management- development of new CL2, CL3 laboratories


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  • Evidence that the endosomal sorting complex required for transport-II (ESCRT-II) is required for efficient human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) production.

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  • In-gel probing of individual RNA conformers within a mixed population reveals a dimerization structural switch in the HIV-1 leader.

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Prestwood, Liam
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Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge


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