Sarah Teichmann awarded the Genetics Society’s 2018 Mary Lyon Medal

Award recognises Dr Teichmann’s “outstanding research” in understanding how the immune system works by using genomics and bioinformatics approaches

Sarah Teichmann awarded the Genetics Society’s 2018 Mary Lyon Medal

Dr Sarah Teichmann, Head of Cellular Genetics at the Wellcome Sanger Institute has been awarded the 2018 Genetics Society's Mary Lyon MedalWellcome Sanger Institute, Genome Research Limited
Dr Sarah Teichmann, Head of Cellular Genetics at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, has been awarded the Genetics Society's 2018 Mary Lyon Medal

Wellcome Sanger Institute Group Leader Dr Sarah Teichmann has received the prestigious Mary Lyon Medal 2018. This annual recognition, named after the distinguished geneticist Mary Lyon FRS, rewards outstanding research in genetics by scientists who are in the middle of their research career. As part of the award, Sarah has been invited to present a lecture at one of the Genetics Society’s scientific meetings.

Sarah Teichmann is Head of the Cellular Genetics research programme and a Group Leader at the Sanger Institute. She also holds a visiting Group Leader position at EMBL-EBI and is a Director of Research at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

Her work explores the relationships between protein interactions and gene expression, harnessing single cell genomics and computational techniques. In particular, her team focuses on cells in the immune system and how they develop and differentiate.

Dr Teichmann has also helped to co-found, and co-chairs, the international Human Cell Atlas Consortium Initiative together with Professor Aviv Regev from the Broad Institute. The global initiative’s ambitious aim is to identify and characterise every cell type in the human body - the building blocks of life. The Human Cell Atlas seeks to provide an invaluable foundation for future research in human health and disease and could, over time, transform the scientific understanding of human biology and health, enabling better diagnosis and development of novel treatments.

“I am honoured to be chosen by the Genetics Society for the Mary Lyon Award. This award recognises the dedicated hard work, skills and creativity of my team and collaborators, whose intellect and passion have fuelled many exciting discoveries over the past two decades. At the Sanger Institute we are uniquely placed to develop and harness the technologies and mathematical approaches needed to understand organs and tissues at single cell resolution.”

Dr Sarah Teichmann, Head of the Cellular Genetics Programme and Group Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Video on the Human Cell Atlas by Wellcome

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