Scientific Customer Support

Scientific Operations

The Scientific Customer Support team comprises Scientific Services Representatives (SSRs) who are the first point of contact for the Institute’s scientific faculty within DNA Pipelines. 

The SSRs provide a number of services to facilitate the submission and processing of customer samples and communication between DNA Pipelines and faculty scientists and collaborators.

The SSRs are responsible for:

Providing a single point of contact for enquiries

We provide assistance to faculty scientists and collaborators with sample submissions and answer queries regarding all aspects of their submission. We can also supply information on our products and pipelines and communicate upcoming operational changes to assist faculty planning.

Setting up submissions for work within DNA Pipelines

DNA Pipelines offers a vast number of different services including sample extraction, library preparation and sequencing. The customer support team set up submissions for all of these processes, ensuring that all samples are tracked within our LIMs system, giving full traceability of samples.

Scheduling work within the DNA Pipelines laboratory teams

We work closely with all teams within DNA Pipelines to understand current and future capacity and throughput, current demand for each pipeline and prioritisation of work. This helps to ensure that samples are processed as swiftly as possible for customers.

Our people

Core team

Photo of Siobhan Austin-Guest

Siobhan Austin-Guest

Scientific Service Representative

Photo of Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook

Scientific Services Representative

Photo of Mrs Elizabeth M Easthope

Mrs Elizabeth M Easthope

Scientific Service Representative

Photo of Elizabeth Huckle

Elizabeth Huckle

Scientific Service Representative

Photo of Nathalie Smerdon

Nathalie Smerdon

Scientific Service Representative