Elizabeth Cook

Scientific Services Representative

As a Scientific Services Representative (SSR) for Pathogens and Microbes (Neglected Tropical Diseases) and Malaria, I am the faculty's first contact within DNA Pipelines.

I act as the initial point of contact for customer queries and submissions to DNA Pipelines. My role includes making sample and library submissions and scheduling work within the teams in DNA Pipelines. I deal with customer questions and queries regarding setting up projects, studies and submissions. I also act as a Health and Safety local co-ordinator.

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πŸ§ͺ Many of the largest research projects in the life sciences are underpinned by cell biology, and our Cellular Generation and Phenotyping team are the powerhouse for much of our large-scale science πŸ₯ΌπŸ”¬

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A day in the life of a cell technician: CRISPR, teamwork, and character cells

Life in the cellular generation and phenotyping labs at the Sanger Institute.


Public trust in genomic research, and the use of how personal data is used and shared needs to improve significantly, if genomic medicine is to be effective in improving overall health and the delivery of healthcare, according to a @WGCethics led survey: http://bit.ly/3mqVbiR