Operations: DNA Pipelines | Scientific Operations

Operations: DNA Pipelines | Scientific Operations

Operations: DNA Pipelines

Our Research and Approach

DNA Pipelines Operations are responsible for delivering the operational requirements necessary to deliver the Institute's scientific strategy. This is at a scale of several hundred thousand samples a year, submitted by a large number of internal and external collaborators and consortia, and processed across several different technology platforms.

There are 6 major components of DNA Pipelines Operations , each supported by a Team Leader. These teams play a vital role in delivering important strategic collaborations. State of the art technologies and expertise, plus critical data storage, tracking and informatics are fundamental components of the coordinated facilities.

The team leaders are drawn from a range of technical, scientific and life science disciplines. Their experience and expertise in driving operations and change comes from a variety of commercial and academic backgrounds. Their energy, enthusiasm and belief in what we are trying to achieve as an Institute, ensures that our operation remains internationally competitive.

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