Archive Page: Nik-Zainal Group | Signatures of mutagenesis in somatic cells

Archive Page: Nik-Zainal Group | Signatures of mutagenesis in somatic cells

Nik-Zainal Group

The Nik-Zainal Group | Signatures of mutagenesis in somatic cells moved to the University of Cambridge in 2017. This page is being maintained as a historical record of the work of the group and is no longer being updated.
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Our Research and Approach

Until they moved to the University of Cambridge in 2017, the Signatures of mutagenesis in somatic cells group explored patterns of mutations or signatures that arise in human cells to understand how DNA damage and DNA repair processes contribute towards aging and cancer.

The DNA in our cells can become damaged due to wear and tear from within our cells and can be damaged by the environment, for example ultraviolet-radiation from the sun. We have a DNA repair toolkit that fixes most of this damage. However, any damage that is not repaired, or is repaired badly, can lead to permanent changes to the genetic code (known as mutations). The group studied the patterns of mutations - or 'signatures' - that build up in DNA to understand how and why they cause health problems such as cancer, brain diseases and aging.

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Dr Serena Nik-Zainal
Group Leader

Serena was a Career Development Fellow (CDF) Group Leader in the Cancer Genome Project.

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Key Projects, Collaborations, Tools & Data

We collaborated with a wide range of people to gain insights into mutational signatures.Serena is a member of a consortium of scientists in DNA repair/replication biology and genomics (COMSIG) and worked closely with Steve Jackson, Mike Stratton, Bill Skarnes and David Phillips.The group collaborated with Ewan Birney to gain insights into mutagenesis relative to aspects of genome architecture.Serena also worked with Ludovic Vallier exploring somatic variation in cell-based systems and interacted with Ludmil Alexandrov and Mike Stratton exploring mutation signatures in cancers.

Programmes, Associate Research Programmes and Facilities

Partners and Funders

Internal Partners


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