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Marioni Group | Single cell genomics

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Marioni, John
Dr John Marioni
Group Leader

John Marioni's group develop computational and statistical tools to exploit high-throughput genomics data to understand the regulation of gene expression and to model developmental and evolutionary processes. His team has pioneered approaches for analysing single-cell transcriptomics data and, together with four colleagues, he co-ordinates the Sanger Institute-EBI Single-Cell Genomics Centre.

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  • Quantitative genetic analysis deciphers the impact of cis and trans regulation on cell-to-cell variability in protein expression levels.

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  • The human body at cellular resolution: the NIH Human Biomolecular Atlas Program.

    HuBMAP Consortium

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  • Challenges in measuring and understanding biological noise.

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  • IL-7-dependent compositional changes within the γδ T cell pool in lymph nodes during ageing lead to an unbalanced anti-tumour response.

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  • EmptyDrops: distinguishing cells from empty droplets in droplet-based single-cell RNA sequencing data.

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  • Staged developmental mapping and X chromosome transcriptional dynamics during mouse spermatogenesis.

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  • Support for a clade of Placozoa and Cnidaria in genes with minimal compositional bias.

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  • COMRADES determines in vivo RNA structures and interactions.

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  • CTCF maintains regulatory homeostasis of cancer pathways.

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  • T cell cytolytic capacity is independent of initial stimulation strength.

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  • Detection and removal of barcode swapping in single-cell RNA-seq data.

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  • Specificity of RNAi, LNA and CRISPRi as loss-of-function methods in transcriptional analysis.

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  • CpG island composition differences are a source of gene expression noise indicative of promoter responsiveness.

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  • Multi-Omics Factor Analysis-a framework for unsupervised integration of multi-omics data sets.

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  • Batch effects in single-cell RNA-sequencing data are corrected by matching mutual nearest neighbors.

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  • Using single-cell genomics to understand developmental processes and cell fate decisions.

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  • Maturing Human CD127+ CCR7+ PDL1+ Dendritic Cells Express AIRE in the Absence of Tissue Restricted Antigens.

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  • BASiCS: Bayesian Analysis of Single-Cell Sequencing Data.

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