The major theme of our research is the study of genome variation: naturally occurring and engineered, inherited and somatic, in humans, pathogens, human cells and mice.

Our science is organised into five scientific Programmes, each defining a major area of research with a particular biological, disease or analytic focus. In all cases, the studies provide insights into human, pathogen, cellular evolution, the phenotypic and hence biological consequences of genome variation and the processes which cause mutations.

We aim to carry out studies that are of a design and scale that cannot be conducted in most biomedical research institutes.

The Computational Genomics programme and the Mouse and Zebrafish programme ran until October 2016. The computational genomics faculty, teams and research projects have been transferred into the Cellular Genetics and Human Genetics programmes. Many of our model organism experts continue to work at the Institute, designing and supporting the large-scale high-throughput experiments that are a feature of the Institute’s genomic studies.

Our Vision

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