Edel Sheerin

Technical Specialist 

Technical specialist focused on transferring amplicon panels to the ONT platform

Background and research interests

I am a technical specialist at Sanger working on transferring amplicon panels (BIOSCAN and ANOSPP projects) from Illumina/PacBio platforms to the latest sequencing technologies (ONT) therefore making the science more accessible, cheaper and faster.

In parallel to this I am also interested in the application of molecular biology tools to study wildlife populations. I have utilised these tools to address different research questions throughout my career such as; microsatellites to assess population genetics of otter and squid, DNA barcoding to identify cryptic cephalopod species and flying insects, PCR/qPCR assays to detect the presence of mammals through non-invasive sampling.

I am interested in population genomics, evolutionary biology and biodiversity monitoring. I wish to better understand evolutionary relationships, species boundaries and population connectivity in not only to aid species conservation but also to apply the findings in the wider context of human health.

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