Dr Kenny Roberts

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kenny's research focuses upon developing and applying wide-scale spatial transcriptomics approaches to analyse human cell diversity.

My research will combine state-of-the-art single molecule FISH and in situ sequencing technologies with cutting edge high-throughput microscopy to visualise the expression of RNA within the human brain. By subsequently delineating the numerous cell sub-types that make the brain the most complex human organ, this work will improve our understanding of brain function and development. Crucially, it will also provide an insight into dysfunction in neurological disease states, at the tissue, cellular, and molecular pathway levels.

As part of the Bayraktar group spatial transcriptomics pipeline, I will co-ordinate closely with colleagues in histology, image analysis, and single cell transcriptomics. In addition to my work on the brain, I am contributing spatial data to Human Cell Atlas projects mapping: the female reproductive system and maternal-foetal interface in collaboration with the Vento-Tormo group; as well as the heart and developing gastrointestinal tract in collaboration with the Teichmann group.

Previously, I wrote my doctoral thesis on the characterisation of a highly conserved long non-coding RNA CEROX1, a novel regulator of mitochondrial energy metabolism and central nervous system development.

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