My focus is partnering with programme and informatics teams to understand, formulate and support their informatics and data science strategies and initiatives, ultimately facilitating the acceleration of science and open sharing of data across global research communities. 

The successful transformation of ideas and strategies into actions, deliverables and tangible value is achieved when people and teams are at the heart of the system. I have a passion for and encompass into my role, guiding these teams in critical thinking exercises and practices to consider and refine details which shape their approach for delivery and execution. A significant aspect of my role is to enhance communication between IDS tech teams and programme informatics teams, creating aligned strategic priorities and synchronized delivery of capabilities.

With a background in IT management, strategy, and innovation, I leverage my corporate experience to enrich the engagement and approaches within this incredible scientific community. My firm belief in and practical application of Agile methodologies underpin my support for iterative innovation, exploring new frontiers, and continual enhancement of all processes.

Effective interaction and collaboration hinge not only on good but rather excellent communication, and I consistently advocate for and assist teams in mastering the art of conveying ideas clearly and compellingly.

My timeline