Dr Pavlos Antoniou

Principal Software Developer


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

I am a principal software developer/informatician for the Human Genetics Informatics group. I work closely with the faculty of Human Genetics to develop informatics solutions to analyse and visualise genomic data from population studies utilising current technologies. I enjoy creating user-friendly and interactive applications that contrinute to the presentation and analysis of biological data.

I am currently involved in developing software solutions to analyse genome-wide association studies datasets from two projects of the human genetics faculty. I am using hail, a python based data analysis tool that uses spark technologies to distribute the data on cloud clusters.

I have a background in genetics, computer science and bioinformatics and have worked as a cancer analyst for Genomics England but also as a lead clinical bioinformatician for the NHS. I am an HCPC registered clinical scientist and I have worked on diagnostic pipelines and clinical software development for many years. 

I believe that many questions can be answered when the data is presented in a coherent and interactive way therefore I am interested in developing web applications using  html, css and javascript with a focus on providing excellent user experience. Through my role in the Human Genetics Informatics Team I aim to develop web applications for the users of the human genetics faculty to visualise the results of their studies and interact with the scale and presentation of the data.  

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