Gary Ward | Head of Information & Communication Technology Services

Ward, Gary

The Enterprise Computing role entails working in partnership with the Scientific Program Groups, the Campus teams and the Head of Scientific Computing to meet the needs of the Institute. Together with the Director of ICT, the aim is to develop and implement the ICT Strategy. This requires the development of unified approaches in planning capital expenditure, high level communication, R&D with external vendors and the security and governance of IT systems. The ambition overall is to deliver high quality systems and services for the Institute, that are best value for money.

Having been in ICT roles for 30 years, Gary has worked in ICT Service Delivery companies such as Sema Global (later Schlumberger) and in the Medical and Research Sectors at Cambridge University Hospital (Addenbrookes) in both Technical and Managerial positions.

Gary is resposible for ICT services:

  • Service Delivery
  • Infrastructure Management Team
  • Database Management Team
  • Datacentre Management Team
  • Business Systems Management Team
Ward, Gary