Dr Cordelia Langford, FRSB | Director of Science Operations

Langford, Cordelia

As Director of Scientific Operations I lead the delivery of all of our Scientific Operations and high-throughput platforms to provide invaluable data and resources that are vital to delivering our world leading science. Our platforms continually evolve and develop to embrace new technologies and adapt to the ever-changing demands of bold new scientific challenges.

I believe in driving a committed team with a culture that embraces innovation and collaboration. In this role I provide oversight and direction to a team of 300 people, which involves balancing a longer term strategic viewpoint with ensuring day to day operational delivery. I also contribute to the strategic leadership of our organisation as a member of the Board of Management.

Langford, Cordelia
Cordelia's Timeline

Director of Scientific Operations


Head of Scientific Customer Relations


Head of DNA Pipeline Operations


Head of Genome Analysis Pipelines at the Sanger Institute


Head of Microarray Facility at the Sanger Institute


Microarray Facility Manager at the Sanger Institute


Graduate Research Assistant in Molecular Cytogenetics at the Sanger Institute


Research Technician in Human Molecular Cytogenetics at the Cambridge University Department of Pathology


Scientific Officer in Cytogenetics at the BBSRC Babraham Institute


Assistant Scientific Officer in Immunology at the BBSRC Babraham Institute


Research Assistant in Clinical Oncology at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology