Dr Cordelia Langford, FRSB | Director of Science Operations

Langford, Cordelia

As Head of Scientific Customer Relations, I am responsible for developing and managing the strategic interface between Scientific Operations and the research customer base.

A key part of my role is to foster a two-way exchange of information between Scientific Operations, the Faculty teams, and our commercial customers - to identify new scientific opportunities and to improve customer satisfaction.

A significant element of this work is to understand the strategic and demand forecast plans for each of the major programmes of work, and to translate how those demands will feed into the Operational Pipelines.

To develop the external requirements for Scientific Operations, I work closely with the Director's Office and the Connecting Science team.

Effective strategies for developing relations with new customers will be developed as the Genome Campus expands in the near future.

Langford, Cordelia
Cordelia's Timeline

Head of Scientific Customer Relations


Head of DNA Pipeline Operations


Head of Genome Analysis Pipelines at the Sanger Institute


Head of Microarray Facility at the Sanger Institute


Microarray Facility Manager at the Sanger Institute


Graduate Research Assistant in Molecular Cytogenetics at the Sanger Institute


Research Technician in Human Molecular Cytogenetics at the Cambridge University Department of Pathology


Scientific Officer in Cytogenetics at the BBSRC Babraham Institute


Assistant Scientific Officer in Immunology at the BBSRC Babraham Institute


Research Assistant in Clinical Oncology at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology