Director's Office


The Director’s Office team supports the Director in his role of leading and overseeing the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Wellcome Genome Campus.


Mike Stratton, Director of the Wellcome Sanger Institute and CEO of the Wellcome Genome Campus has overall responsibility for all activities of Genome Research Limited.

Key areas

The Director’s Office team provide leadership and ensure delivery in the following areas.

  • Overarching GRL strategy and Sanger Institute Science Strategy
  • Organisational funding and the quinquennial review process
  • Horizon scanning and long term strategic planning
  • Academic and commercial strategic partnerships and stakeholder management
  • Faculty planning
  • Government and Public affairs
  • Science Policy, Open Science and Science Culture
  • Impact assessment of our work
  • Strategic initiatives

The Team

  • The Associate Director represents the Director and works with internal colleagues and external stakeholders to implement, communicate and deliver the vision and mission of the Institute and Campus
  • The Executive Assistant provides strategic counsel and support to the Director in all activities, supports organisational governance and delivers VIP visits
  • The Head of Faculty Planning supports the Faculty, manages the Institute Faculty model in the context of the science strategy, co-leads the review process with HR, and manages the Associate Research Programme.
  • The Head of Policy identifies policy issues, nationally and internationally, that impact on Sanger science, where our science may feed into broader policy issues, and engages and influences on those issues.
  • The Impact and Evaluation Analyst measures the impact of all Genome Research Limited activities on delivering the missions of the Sanger Institute, Connecting Science and the Wellcome Genome Campus.
  • The Quinquennial Review Programme Manager leads and oversees the quinquennial review process across the Sanger Institute, Connecting Science and the infrastructure of the Wellcome Genome Campus


The Director’s Office Team can be contacted individually or via, 01223 494739

Core team

Photo of Sarion Bowers, PhD

Sarion Bowers, PhD

Head of Policy

Photo of Dr Hayley Clissold

Dr Hayley Clissold

Research Culture Lead

Photo of Austra Jenner-Parson

Austra Jenner-Parson

Impact And Evaluation Lead

Photo of Mr Carl Logan

Mr Carl Logan

Executive Assistant to the Director

Photo of Dr Julia Wilson

Dr Julia Wilson

Associate Director

Photo of Steven Zemke

Steven Zemke

Head of Faculty Planning

Previous team members

Photo of Dr Laura Humphreys

Dr Laura Humphreys

Project Manager: Mutographs

Photo of Dr Sonia Virdee

Dr Sonia Virdee

Associate Director, Research and Faculty Planning

The following were also members of this team:

Rachel CurranFormer Associate Director. Currently Head of Administration and Operations at EMBL-EBI
Jo JonesFormer Executive Personal Assistant to the Director. Currently Deputy Chief of Staff at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries