Steven Zemke

Head of Faculty Planning


This person is a member of Sanger Institute Alumni.

My role is support the Director on the development of the Institute's scientific strategy, focusing largely on faculty matters.  Additionally I support the Associate Director to ensure that the internal strategy sits alongside and in harmony with the external strategic perspective.

The research at the Sanger Institute is constantly evolving.  Developing and implementing new scientific initiatives requires an understanding of the implications associated with changes in strategy.  My role is to help provide assessments of strategy changes and to work closely with our Board of Management, faculty, and operational teams on the delivery of these changes.

I am also responsible for the running and implementation of the Associate Research Programme.  The Associate Research Programme is designed to expand the reach and impact of Sanger science by providing opportunities for the Sanger Institute to enrich and diversify its science portfolio and for external organisations and scientists to access both the intellectual environment and data-generation/data analysis infrastructure at the Institute.  

The Sanger Institute is an academic research centre driven by roughly 35 faculty.  These careers are guided by the Institute’s Faculty model, and my role within the Director’s Office is to act as the custodian of the Institute’s faculty model and the related polices.  The faculty review process is jointly managed between the Director’s Office and the Human Resources Office

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