Management Operations | Administration

Management Operations | Administration

Management Operations

Our Work and Approach

The Sanger Institute is research led and this means the Management Operations support teams are inclusive in their approach to planning and decision making. We strive to be evidence based and make management decisions that are timely and transparent.

People from very different backgrounds and professional areas of expertise come together in Management Operations, with our world-leading researchers and colleagues in Science Operations we make the Sanger Institute a successful place to work.

Many of our teams support the overall operation of the Wellcome Genome Campus. This is a broad and challenging set of responsibilities and to achieve this, Management Operations has adopted a top-level objective to help structure the support we provide:

"To work creatively, collaboratively and transparently in an environment of mutual respect with staff and entities on the Genome Campus to ensure we provide highly effective support, infrastructure and services in the most cost-effective way."


Dr Martin Dougherty
Group Leader

Martin is accountable for leadership across a range of management and support functions underpinning the research programmes and Genome Campus operations. These include areas such as HR and organisational development, finance and H&S, through to capital projects, facilities management and research administration.

King, Alison

Alison King
Personal Assistant to the Director
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Kirton, Christopher Michael

Chris Kirton
Former Head of Cellular Operations

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