Director's Office | Administration

Director's Office | Administration

Director's Office

Our Work and Approach

The Director’s Office team supports the Director in his role of leading and overseeing the science and strategy of the Sanger Institute and Wellcome Genome Campus.

  • Members of the team work with internal and external stakeholders to implement and communicate the vision and mission of the Institute and Campus
  • The Associate Directors lead strategic initiatives and represent the Director

The Director’s Office Team can be contacted individually or via, 01223 494739


Professor Sir Mike Stratton, FMedSci FRS
Group Leader

Mike Stratton is the Director of the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Chief Executive Officer of the Wellcome Genome Campus.

His primary research interests have been in the genetics of cancer. His early research focused on inherited susceptibility. Mike mapped and identified the major high-risk breast cancer susceptibility gene BRCA2 and subsequently a series of moderate-risk breast cancer and other cancer susceptibility genes.

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Virdee, Sonia

Virdee, Sonia
Dr Sonia Virdee
Associate Director, Research and Faculty Planning