Chen Group

Single-cell multi-omics tissue mapping and organoid-based disease modeling

We are a team of genomic biologists, cell biologists and bioinformaticians interested in developing wet-lab and dry-lab methods for single-cell analysis. We work on a range of tissues and employ multiple cutting-edge tools such as CRISPR perturbation and organoid modeling.

Research Directions

1) Single-cell multi-omics sequencing

We will establish single-cell sequencing methods permitting the capture of multimodal information including epigenomics, transcriptomic and proteomics states from individual cells. We will build analysis pipelines to integrate multi-omics profiles and construct comprehensive cellular-state map in tissues.

2) CRISPR-perturbation screening

We will establish organoid models that recapitulate tissue development process. We will develop CRISPR libraries that target epigenetic regulators and perform pooled screening. We will design algorithms that enable the prediction of gene expression patterns base on specific epigenetic markers.