PPMS auto email script

PPMS auto email script

PPMS auto email script


A Python script to email the last user of the day if they are operating outside office hours using data from PPMS.

The script is on GitHub: https://github.com/SangerCytometry/PPMSemail


  1. Download the user list from 'Group/Users' in PPMS
  2. Create a batch file that downloads the booking data
  3. Change:
    1. line 23, the directory of the .py line 26, the name of the booking file line 29-32, choose your 'out of office' times line 47, list the instruments that you want to set up the email for line 52, adjust the message to suit line 54 & 56, your email address(es) line 66, your email provider and their port number line 68, your email password
  4. Use task scheduler, or equivalent, to automate 2 and 3


  • We use cURL to download the booking information from a custom PPMS report (contact Stratocore for information).
    • curl -k -d "action=Report19&startDate=2017-08-01&endDate=2018-08-01&dateformat=print&outformat=csv&apikey=xxx&coreid=1" "https://ppms.eu/yoursite/API2/" > C:\Users\Operator\Desktop\outputfile.csv
  • I'll probably include this step in the python script in the future and just download todays bookings (similar to PPMS2HTML).
  • To run the file in Windows through task scheduler; create a batch file containing something along the lines of:
    • c:\Python27\python.exe C:\Users\Operator\Desktop\PPMSemail.py


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