COMET (Corrected Overlap and Marginal Enrichment Test) is a computationally efficient method for identifying SNP features (e.g. functional annotation) that are predictive of associated SNPs that are shared between traits, while adjusting for the marginal distributions of the traits. COMET also assesses enrichment at the individual trait level. Only summary statistics are required to implement COMET.

Identification of shared associated variants between multiple traits has been a focus of many genetic studies and a further objective, to assist with this and gain further biological insight, is to identify SNP characteristics (e.g. functional annotation) that are predictive of overlap. Such features enable refinement of the set of variants in further searches for predisposing variants and may be incorporated into the Bayesian prior probability of association in future analyses.

Download and Installation

System Requirements

The software should run on any Unix or GNU/Linux system.

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If you have any problems running COMET then please contact Jennifer Asimit.


Sanger Contributors

Asimit, Jennifer

Dr Jennifer Asimit
MRC Methodology Research Fellow - Statistical Geneticist

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