BD Influx workspace renamer

BD Influx workspace renamer

BD Influx workspace renamer


BD Sortware for the Influx names all its files with non-descriptive names. When backing up and cleaning our PC we run this script to rename the workspace XML files to a more descriptive name, as is seen in Sortware itself.  This script renames all XML files in its folder and subfolders to the 'name' tag of the file.

Find the script on GitHub:

It is recommended that you test the script first or use it on a backed up data.


Video instructions:

This script uses Python V3.

  1. Place the .py file into the top folder of your saved workspaces, which can be found in the BD folder.
  2. Run the script.
  3. The script will then rename all the files from configuration1.xml to whatever is in the 'Name' tag in the xml file.
    1. If you have 2 files with the same 'name' tag then the script will add a random number to prevent overwriting.
    2. Windows filenames cannot contain any of the following charactors [\/*?:"<>|] If yours does then it will be replaced with a -


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