Acedb is a genome database system started in 1989 by Jean Thierry-Mieg (CNRS, Montpellier) and Richard Durbin (Sanger Institute). It was originally developed for the C.elegans genome project from which its name was derived: A C.elegans DataBase. However it has been generalized to be extremely flexible and Acedb has been used for many different genomic databases ranging from bacteria to fungi to plants to man.

Acedb's database schema notation allows easy modification and extension of data relationships by simple text editing of the schema file giving it great flexibility and making it an ideal research tool.

Based on a custom database kernel Acedb has a full graphical user interface with many specific displays and tools for genomic data. Its plain text input files make Acedb ideal for managing data within genome projects and for making that data available to the wider scientific community.


Acedb is no longer actively maintained at the Sanger Institute but you can find more comprehensive information on the AceDB website and you can send requests to

You can download the last (and previous) versions of the Sanger fork of the acedb code from Richard Durbin's github.

The NCBI fork of acedb is still actively maintained by Jean Thierry-Mieg and you can download that from the NCBI website.

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