Research Support Facility | Model Pipelines

Research Support Facility | Model Pipelines

Research Support Facility


Our Research and Approach

The Research Support Facility is headed by James Bussell and serves the Institute and worldwide community by providing and caring for the mice, zebrafish, rats and frogs used in research studies. The majority of Sanger Institute programmes use the Facility.

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Bussell, James
James Bussell
Group Leader

James leads a dedicated team of career Animal Technologists and Managers. With over 25 years of experience in mouse production, genetics and facilities management James is passionate about the education of animal technicians and the welfare of the animals they care for. The team are driven to find welfare improvements and are continuously trialing adaptations to current good practice. Areas of development have seen improved feeding regimes for Zebra fish, reductions in animal numbers during archiving and development of a dedicated database to understand the life experience of the animals under our care.

Partners and Funders

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