Staff PhD and MPhil theses in pdf format

Staff PhD theses can be download here. The first link goes to a directory containing a set of PDF files of the thesis, the second a compressed TAR file of these pdfs.

PhD Theses

Title Author Year Thesis
Genetic studies of cardiometabolic traits Riveros Mckay Aguilera, Fernando 2018
Identification and Characterisation of Regulatory Elements on Human Chromosome 20q12-13.2 Akan, Pelin 2006
Regulation of gene expression in macrophage immune response Alasoo, Kaur 2016
Signatures of Mutational Processes in Human Cancer Alexandrov, Ludmil 2014
Integrated approaches to elucidate the genetic architecture of congenital heart defects Al Turki, Saeed 2013
Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection of CD4+ T Cell Subsets and Its Impact on B Cell Responses in Early Infection Archer, Eva Jacqueline 2016
De novo assembly of the var multi-gene family in clinical samples of Plasmodium falciparum Assefa, Sammy 2013
Studies of the effects of promoter sequence variation on gene expression in human chromosome 22 Bacha, Jamil 2006
High-throughput Experimental and Computational Studies of Bacterial Evolution Barquist, Lars 2013
Gene identification and characterisation on the human X chromosome Barrett, Ian 2004
Analysing the B-cell repertoire: Investigating B-cell population dynamics in health and disease. Bashford-Rogers, Rachael 2014
Genomic insights into the human population history of Australia and New Guinea Bergström, Anders 2017
The evolution of functional non-coding DNA in humans Bird, Christine 2010 Not available
Sequence alignment in bioinformatics. Birney, Ewan 2000 Not available
Survey of RNA editing in the human brain Blow, Matthew J 2004
Development of computational methods for analysing proteomic data for genome annotation Brosch, Markus 2009
Evolutionary Genomics of Pathogenic Mycobacteria Bryant, Josephine M 2014
Mechanisms of change in protein architecture Buljan, Marija 2010
Rearrangement breakpoints and viral integration sites in the human genome Burford, Deborah 2007
Uncovering the role of common and rare variants in migraine Calafato, Stella 2012
Identifying and modelling genes that are associated with rare developmental disorders Carss, Keren 2014
Evolution of Streptococcus pneumoniae during carriage Chewapreecha, Claire 2014
Genetics of the anticoagulant drug warfarin Chen, Yen-Yu (Leslie) 2007
The role of transcription factor GATA6 in the development of the human pancreas Chia, Crystal Ying 2017
Physical mapping on the human X chromosome and its application to the positional cloning of the XLP gene Coffey, Alison J 2000 Not available
Protein Domains: New methods for detection and evolutionary analysis Coin, Lachlan 2005
The physical map of the genome of Caenorhabditis elegans Coulson, Alan 1994 Not available
Functional and evolutionary analyses of pneumococcal genome variation Croucher, Nicholas 2011
Role of Synapse-Associated Protein 102 in Postsynaptic Signalling, Synaptic Plasticity and Learning Cuthbert, Peter 2005
The diversity of disease-causing and environmental Legionella pneumophila David, Sophia 2016
Generation of a murine ES cell system deficient in microRNA processing for the identification of microRNA targets Davis, Matthew 2009
Chromosomal imbalances in colorectal cancer Davison, Eleanor 2004 Not available
Understanding inflammatory bowel disease using high-throughput sequencing de Lange, Katrina Melanie 2017
The Intra-Tumour Heterogeneity Landscape of Human Cancers Dentro, Stefan Christiaan 2017
The SCL Gene and Transcriptional Control of Haematopoiesis Dhami, Pawandeep 2005
Development of Chromatin Immuniprecipitation Microarray Technology for the Identification of Regulatory Elements in the Human Genome Dillon, Shane 2008
The role of regulatory variation in sculpting gene expression across human populations and cell types Dimas, Antigone 2009
The Genetics of Cellular Phenotypes Ding, Zhihao 2014
Motif based computational identification of protein subcellular localisation Dogruel, Mutlu 2008
Computational localization of promoters and transcription start sites in mammalian genomes Down, Thomas 2003
Studies on the development and organisation of the nervous system of Caenorhabditis elegans Durbin, Richard 1987
An Analysis of Transcript Variation in Human Xp11.23 Eades, Tamsin L 2005
Classification of protein domain families for genomic sequence analysis Erik, Sonnhammer 1996 Not available
Drivers of melanoma susceptibility Robles Espinoza, Carla Daniela 2014
Investigating the Role of Interferon-Inducible Transmembrane 3 (IFITM3) in Infection. Everitt, Aaron 2013
Genetic Studies of Syndromes of Severe Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes: a candidate gene approach Fawcett, Katherine 2008
High-throughput reverse genetic screening in Plasmodium berghei using barcode sequencing Batista Gomes, Ana Rita 2014
Graphical pangenomics Garrison, Erik Peter 2018
Understanding human disease using high-throughput sequencing Goncalves Serra, Eva 2016
Structural, functional and comparative studies of human chromosome 22q13.31 Goward, Melanie 2002
Chromosome 1 map, sequence and variation Gregory, Simon 2003
A Study of Molecular Synergy and Clonal Evolution in Haematopoietic Malignancies Grove, Carolyn 2014
Recessive genetic screen for mismatch repair components in BLM-deficient ES cells Guo, Ge 2004
Finding genes involved in corneal endothelial dystrophies linked to human chromosome 20 Gwilliam, Rhian 2004 Not available
Computational Detection and Analysis of Polyadenylation Signals Hajarnavis, Ashwin 2005
Phenotypic and Functional Characterisation of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses after Mucosal Vaccination Hall, Lindsay 2007
Prediction and analysis of nucleosome positioning in genomic sequences Hasan, Samiul 2003
Genomic variation and evolution of Clostridium difficile He, Miao 2011
DNA polymerase mutations as drivers of genome instability and cancer Herzog, Mareike 2016
A functional genomic-based study of the streptomycin mouse model of human Salmonella Typhimurium gastroenteritis Hill, Jennifer 2015
Progressive hearing loss in mouse mutants Hilton, Jennifer 2012 Not available
Studies in probabilistic sequence alignment and evolution Holmes, Ian 1998
Genomic variation and evolution of Salmonella enterica serovars Typhi and Paratyphi A Holt, Kathryn 2009
Identification of novel Plasmodium Vivax blood-stage vaccine targets Hostetler, Jessica Blythe 2016
Gene prediction using a configurable system for the integration of data by Dynamic programming Howe, Kevin 2003
Physical, transcriptional and comparative mapping on the human X chromosome Howell, Gareth 2002
Positive natural selection in the human genome Hu, Min 2012
Whole-genome Sequencing-based Association Studies of Cardiovascular Biomarkers Huang, Jie 2015
The functional impact of copy number variation in the human genome Huang, Ni 2011
Computational detection of non-coding RNAs in genomes Huang, Yen-Hua 2008
Genome plasticity and genetic exchange in Leishmania tropica Iantorno, Stefano 2015
Characterization of Cancer Gene Mutations in Human Cancer Cell lines for Correlation with Drug Activity Ikediobi, Ogechi 2008
Identification of target genes of an erythroid transcription factor complex containing SCL(TAL1) Jim, Hau Ling 2008
A role for microRNA-155 in the control of infection John, Victoria 2010
Computational analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome sequence Jones, Steve 1999 Not available
Genetic and phenotypic investigations into developmental disorders Jones, Wendy Dawn 2017
Using Next-Generation Genomic Datasets In Disease Association Jostins, Luke 2012
Molecular characterization and computational analysis of constitutional chromosome rearrangements Kalaitzopoulos, Dimitrios 2006 Not available
Identification of Genetic Differences Between Strains of Campylobacter jejuni Kay, Emily 2005
Investigations into the Rab family of genes and their roles in signalling during vertebrate early development Kenyon, Emma 2006
Uniparental disomy and mosaic structural variation in developmental disorders King, Daniel Alexander 2015
Single cell mRNA-sequencing of mESCs reveals cell-to-cell variation in pluripotency and cell cycle genes Kolodziejczyk, Aleksandra Anna 2016
Transposon-mediated Insertional Mutagenesis in Gene Discovery and Cancer Kong, Jun 2011
Cas9-induced on-target genomic damage Kosicki, Michal Konrad 2018
Genome-Wide Translational Control In Fission Yeast Lackner, Daniel 2007
The ribosomal RNA processing gene nucleolar protein 9 (nol9) is essential for normal exocrine pancreas development in zebrafish Lam Hung, Laure 2013
Karyotype Evolution: Evolutionary Chromosome Rearrangements in Material Homologous to Human Chromosome 22q Studied in the Dog and Gibbon Langford, Cordelia 2003
Metabolic capability in host-restricted serovars of Salmonella enterica Langridge, Gemma C 2010
Characterisation of bcl11 functions in development using genetically modified mice Lee, Song Choon 2008
Host and pathogen genetics associated with pneumococcal meningitis Lees, John Andrew 2017
Somatic evolution in human blood and colon Lee-Six, Henry 2018
A genetic screen for tumour suppressor genes using the sleeping beauty and piggybac transposon systems Liang, Qi 2009 Not available
A recessive genetic screen to discover components in miRNA pathways using piggyBac-mediated insertional mutagenesis in Blm-deficient mouse embryonic stem cells Li, Meng 2010
Genetic Dissection of the Exit from Pluripotency in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells by CRISPR-based Screening Li, Meng 2017
Reprogramming of T cells to natural killer-like cells upon BCL11B deletion Li, Peng 2010
The genetic architecture of immune-mediated complex diseases Liu, Jimmy 2014
Evolutionary Landscape of CpG Island Methylation in X Chromosome Inactivation Liu, Mengning 2008
Identification and Functional Characterisation of a Genetic Subset of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Mahoney, Claire 2009
Genomic diversity and speciation in East African cichlid fish Malinsky, Milan 2015
The role of microRNAs in neurons - (Also known as Sergei A Manakov) Manakou, Siarhei 2011
Analysis of genome-wide, cancer-associated mutation datasets in mouse and human Mattison, Jenny 2008
Schizosaccharomyces pombe: from sequence to function McDougall, Rachel C 1997 Not available
Mathematical methods for comparative ab initio gene prediction Meyer, Imtraud 2002
Modelling Human Genetic Disorders in Mice Migdalska, Anna 2011
Analysis of genetic variation data using Ancestral Recombination Graphs Minichiello, Mark 2007
Evolution and gene regulation of the genomic imprinting mechanism Mungall, Andy 2007
The Origins and Evolution of Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor Mutreja, Ankur 2014
Analysis of the transcriptomes of wild-type and mutant C. elegans Nelson, Andrew 2008
Regulatory variation and its role in disease Nica, Alexandra C 2010
Exploring mutational signatures in twenty-one breast cancers Nik-Zainal, Serena 2012
Genetic dissection of EGFRvIII brain and spinal mouse gliomas through whole-exome sequencing and in vivo piggyback mutagenesis forward genetic screening Noorani, Imran 2018
The Role of Retinoic Acid Receptors in the Replacement of Oct4 during the Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Ooi, Jolene 2012
Genetic mapping of cellular traits Parts, Leopold 2011
Maps of open chromatin - from genetic signals to function Paul, Dirk 2012
Characterisation of the Transcriptome and Proteome of Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Typhi Perkins, Timothy 2009
Identification and characterisation of host-pathogen protein-protein interactions in the blood stages of malaria Perrin, Abigail 2014
Defining the Clostridium difficile spo0A regulon and its role in disease and transmission Pettit, Laura J 2012
Isolation of homozygous mutant mouse embryonic stem cells by selection for copy number increase Pettitt, Stephen J 2011
Analysis of IncHI1 plasmids in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi Phan, Minh-Duy 2009
Inference and classification of eukaryotic cis-regulatory motifs Piipari, Matias 2010
Characterising antibiotic susceptibility and resistance in human commensal gut bacteria Pike, Lindsay Jacqueline 2019
Tissue-specific adaptations of cell types Pires de Carvalho Gomes, Tomás 2020
Computational Analysis of Genomes Pocock, Matthew R 2003
The Zebrafish Homologues of JAM-B and JAM-C are Essential for Myoblast Fusion Powell, Gareth T 2010
Transcriptome characterisation of cercariae and skin-stage schistosomula in the parasitic helminth Schistosoma mansoni. Protasio, Anna V 2011
Computational detection of gene regulatory signals in human genome sequence Ramadass, Aroul S 2004
Genome Evolution: A study of MHC paralogous genes in the human genome Rand, Vikki 2003
Neural network-based methods for large scale protein sequence analysis. Reinhardt, Astrid 1999 Not available
Patterns of somatic genome rearrangement in human cancer Roberts, Nicola Diane 2018
Murine embryonic stem cells as a route towards exploring host-pathogen interactions Rossi, Raffaella 2008
Human Cellular Genetics of Innate Immunity Rostom, Raghd 2019 Not available
Periodic gene expression program of the fission yeast cell cycle Rustici, Gabriella 2004
Functional investigation of NMDA receptor molecular evolution Ryan, Tomas 2010 Not available
The influence of genetics on gamma-herpesvirus infections Sallah, Neneh 2016
Analysis of gene amplification in human cancer Santarius, Tom 2009 Not available
The role of protein interactions in evolution and disease Schuster-Bockler, Benjamin 2008
Using molecular QTLs to identify cell types and causal variants for complex traits Schwartzentruber, Jeremy 2017
The role of the CapZ complex in vertebrate sarcomere integrity Scott, Annabelle 2007
Transcriptome characterisation of the intra-mammalian stage of male and female Schistosoma mansoni Sessler, Andreas Florian 2017
Extracellular receptor-ligand interaction screening using CRISPR activation Shan, Chong Zheng 2018
Genome-scale identification of cellular pathways required for cell surface recognition Sharma, Sumana 2017
Efficient sequence assembly and variant calling using compressed data structures Simpson, Jared 2012
The contribution of rare variants to risk of schizophrenia and neurodevelopmental disorders Singh, Tarjinder 2017
Genome studies of human chromosome 22q13.3. Smink, Luc 2000 Not available
The Function and Genetics of the Host IFITM Locus Smith, Sarah 2014
Genetic and environmental regulation of olfactory sensory neurone diversity Soria, Ximena Ibarra 2015
Human chromosome 20q12-13.2: Structural, comparative and sequence variation studies Stavrides, George 2002
Methods for genome-scale gene perturbation studies of the TRAIL-induced apoptosis pathway in mammalian cell culture Sudbery, Ian 2007
Fine-mapping and functional analyses of genetic variants driving local adaptations in humans Szpak, Michal 2016
Copy Number Variation and Schizophrenia Tam, Gloria Wing Chi 2008
The targets and role of palmitoylation in Plasmodium parasites Tay, Chwen Ling 2014
Molecular characterisation of the candidate region for bronx waltzer: a mouse model of hearing impairment Taylor, Amy 2005
Analysis of genes controlling notochord development in zebrafish Thomas, Kevin 2005
Characterization of a Novel Deletion Allele of Brca1 Thompson, Debrah M 2003
Systematic Analysis of the Evolution and Conservation of Genetic Interactions Using C. elegans as a Model System Tischler, Julia 2007
Identification and Characterisation of Differentially Methylated Regions within the human Major Histocompatibility Complex Tomazou, Eleni M 2008
Application of CRISPR/Cas9 screening to study cancer drivers and to identify novel cancer vulnerabilities Turner, Gemma 2019
In silico prediction of Genomic In Islands in microbial genomes Islands Vernikos, George 2008
Biochemical investigations of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte invasion pathways using recombinant merozoite surface proteins produced in a mammalian expression system Wanaguru, Madushi 2012
Characterization of BCL11 functions in the mouse mammary gland identifies two types of mammary stem cells Wang, Juexuan 2012 Not available
Chromosome-specific Recessive Genetic Screen for Genes Involved in In Vitro Differentiation in Mouse Embyonic Stem Cells Wang, Wei 2005
Transcriptomic studies on host-parasite interactions in Schistosoma mansoni intramammalian stages Wangwiwatsin, Arporn 2017
Analysis of short tandem repeat variation in large scale resequencing data Whitener, Weldon 2011
Application of DNA Microarrays to Assess DNA Replication Timing and Chromosomal Aberrations Woodfine, Kathryn 2003
Genome-wide recessive screens for DNA mismatch repair genes in mouse ES cells Xiong, Zikai 2008
Biological Investigations through sequence analysis Yeats, Corin 2004
Progressive hearing loss in mouse mutants Yen, Jennifer 2012 Not available
Evolution by Gene Loss? Yngvadottir, Bryndis 2008
Identification and analysis of MHC-linked olfactory receptor genes Younger, Ruth 2002
Applying recombinant protein technology to study Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte receptor-ligand interactions and their potential as therapeutic targets Zenonos, Zenon 2013
Mapping synaptic heterogeneity of MAGUK family members in fluorescent protein knockin mice Zhu, Fei 2012 Not available

MPhil Theses

Title Author Year Thesis
Epidemiology and Genomic Diversity of Staphylococcus aureus in Humans and Pigs in Kenya Bett, Vincent Kiplangat 2018
Genetic diversity and distribution of the pneumococcal surface lipoproteins and implications on potential proteinbased vaccines Bojang, Ebrima 2017
Development of a Resource for the Exploration of Gene Expression in the Mouse Foetus Campbell, Elizabeth A 2004
Characterisation of the transcriptional response to cytokine induced polarisation in human CD4+ T cells and monocyte derived macrophages Cano Gámez, Eddie 2017
Identifying mediators of malignant transformation in human cancer using genome-wide forward genetic screening approaches Dunstone, Eleanor 2018
The relationship of identity by state to identity by descent and imputation accuracy in population sequencing data Harris, Kelley 2011
Phenotypic variation in erythrocyte invasion by Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Peru Hesketh, Richard 2011
Overexpression of Mammalian Nanog mRNA Hyperdorsalises Zebrafish Embryos Jiang, Ying 2011
Comparative genomics of Escherichia coli causing bloodstream infections in the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam Le, Tu Thi Phuong 2017
Bioinformatics approaches to RNA splicing Levine, Aaron 2001
Identification of Extrachromosomal Elements from Whole Genome Sequences of the Human Gut Microbiome to Investigate the Gut Mobilome and Resistome Mkandawire, Tapoka Thulisile 2017
RNA sequencing analysis of Plasmodium falciparum extracellular vesicles Mwikali, Kioko 2018
Somatic mutations in the pancreatic islets Nicola, Pantelis Andreas 2018
Understanding neurodegenerative diseases in human iPS cell models by genome editing with CRISPR-Cas9 Qarin, Shamma 2016
Bioinformatic Analysis of Imprinted CpG Islands in Mus musculus Riordan, Daniel 2003
Machine Learning for Precision Oncology: Genomic Classification and Analysis of Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Ruiz, Camilo 2017
Evaluating the Efficacy of Epigenetic Imputation in CD4+ Regulatory T Cells Thurimella, Kiran Kumar 2018
Integrating single-cell transcriptomics with orthogonal experimental approaches and datasets to enhance characterization of the maternal-fetal interface Zou, Angela Elizabeth 2018