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Genomic characterization of Colorectal Patient-derived Xenografts

In collaboration with the Andrea Bertotti lab at University of Turin we plan to sequence 500 human colorectal PDX models.

About the project

Using a targeted gene screen for 116 colorectal cancer genes, 50 regions recurrently amplified or deleted as well as MSI regions, we will Illumina sequence approx. 500 human colorectal patient-derived xenografts to enable the rapid translation of gene-drug associations observed in the Sanger Institute cell line drug screen or the siKinome and CRISPR/Cas9 lethality screens we are currently undertaking.

Sanger people

This project is being run by Howard Lightfoot.

Photo of Dr Howard Lightfoot

Dr Howard Lightfoot

Principal Bioinformatician

External Contributors

Photo of Prof Andrea Bertotti MD PhD

Prof Andrea Bertotti MD PhD