Dr Lucy Yates

Clinician Scientist Fellow

Lucy Yates is a Wellcome Trust Clinical Career Development Fellow.  She uses cutting-edge genomic technologies to explore the evolutionary basis of clinical cancer progression.   

My research to date has focused on defining the genomic basis of breast cancer, intra-tumour heterogeneity and the evolutionary patterns underlying metastasis. My current work draws on novel genomic technologies such as in-situ sequencing and single-cell combined genomic and transcriptomic sequencing (G&T-seq). I am using these approaches to understand why some very early breast tumours transform into invasive cancers while others remain indolent and to explore how, after primary treatment some breast cancers are able to enter an undetectable (dormant or sleeping) state for decades prior to reappearing in a more aggressive form. My ultimate aim is to translate this biological knowledge into better treatments for people living with cancer.

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