Dr Tilda Watson


Tilda is the Archivist for the Sanger Institute, responsible for establishing an archive in which the documentary evidence of the Institute's history is collected and preserved for the future.

Tilda is currently engaged in establishing an archive service for the Wellcome Sanger Institute for the first time. This includes everything from identifying and collecting materials to be preserved in the archive, to creating an online archive catalogue, to undertaking conservation work and digital preservation, to finding storage solutions for both digital and physical records.

By setting up an archive, it will be possible to ensure that evidence of the Wellcome Sanger Institute’s development and activities since its foundation, as well as its scientific accomplishments and contributions and key historic milestones, are captured and preserved for the future. Once the Archive has been established, the aim is to offer an archive service that will be accessible to researchers and provide a resource that supports engagement between Sanger science, the wider scientific and research community and the general public.

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