Yichen Wang is a PhD student with Mike Stratton and Peter Campbell. Her research interest is to use genome sequencing and computational tools to unveil the normal aging process as well as cancer development.

Mutational processes in normal human tissues

Somatic mutations are thought to accumulate in all cells throughout life. However, knowledge of the biological processes generating mutations that are operative in normal cells, and their mutation rates, has been extremely limited. Insights into these biological processes and their activities are provided by the patterns of mutation, known as “mutational signatures”, found in the sets of somatic mutations in the genomes of cells.

During my PhD, I’m applying cutting-edge genome sequencing technology and computational modeling to investigate the underlying mutational processes in normal human tissues and their relationship with cancer predisposition. An example of my research can be found in this blog and I also work closely with the Mutographs team.

Prior to my PhD, I was trained in Prof. Cheng Li’s group at Center for Bioinformatics, Peking University investigating 3D genome organization during ageing in C.elegans and was an intern in Prof. X. Shirley Liu’s group at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.



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