Mr Guus van de Steeg

Senior Software Developer

As a software developer I place importance in clean, portable, and maintainable code. I strive to write software that meets style and formatting standards, has passing unit tests, and can be easily installed and developed by others.

My team

As a subteam of PaM Informatics, my team develops and maintains software for our various science groups, provides general assistance regarding our infrastructure, and helps new starters get set up and running.

For example, we:

  • develop and run bioinformatics pipelines written in Nextflow,
  • develop new software that help scientists, like the ENADownloader, written in Python,
  • maintain and troubleshoot legacy software, written in Perl.

My background

I am a biotechnologist turned bioinformatician turned software engineer. At an early stage in my career I have come to realise that while I have a fondness for biology, I didn’t have the interest to learn about the exact details of gene ABC-1/3 or protein WhatShallIcallItidase. I do however love to enable those who do have the patience and interest to learn about those. Therefore I have committed myself to develop software that helps scientists achieve their goals, be it new software that fills a gap or a simple parser that helps them sanitise their data inputs into a public database.

My timeline